Kimberly K. Smith

Professor of Environmental Studies and Political Science

at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota

Through my scholarship, teaching and professional service, I aim to increase our collective capacity to manage complex socioecological systems and to achieve meaningful relationships with the natural world.

My Work


My scholarship explores the ideological and institutional evolution of the American green state. Using published and archival sources, I trace the development of the nation’s capacity to sustain the ecological foundations of human society. 


My teaching practice embeds students in real-world contexts and invites them to engage with wicked problems. Together, we learn how to manage complex socioecological systems for the twenty-first century.


A major goal of my professional work is to develop the field of environmental studies by building institutions, developing curricular resources, and mentoring junior colleagues and students.    


Environmental Studies

Carleton College

One N. College St., Northfield, MN 55057

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